An initial goal of this project was to raise the profile of female designers in the Australian graphic design industry. Choosing a typeface was the first opportunity to do this.

Finding a typeface that was designed by a woman in Australia was more difficult than I anticipated. Country of origin and gender aren't often attributed to typeface creators in commercial foundries - another factor contributing to the invisibility of women in Australian graphic design. However, I eventually found one with a print and online licence, ready to go. Strong and graphic, it also suited the tone of the project and gave rise to an opportunity to profile its creator. 

Then two things happened: the typeface designer expressed their desire for anonymity and the identity was harshly critiqued on Twitter when someone commented "I wish the logo was invisible". 

This single choice has raised more questions than I anticipated and many more interesting directions for this research. Hopefully it will keep the discourse going. Feel free to post your thoughts on the "Invisible: Women of Australian Graphic Design" identity on @invisibleinaus.