Women have been hidden from history for centuries, in every segment of culture and society. Graphic designer's contributions in Australia's recent history are often over looked, as have the women who've made significant contributions to this industry.

Graphic designs importance to history can pale into insignificance against issues and events like the suffragettes hard fought rights to vote, but think about how histories can be read through the ephemera produced by graphic designers. Posters, stamps and our currency are just a few of the contributions graphic designers have left behind that build a story surrounding the people, places and events in the most recent history of Australia.

Gender isn't the only factor contributing to the invisibility of graphic designers. They often remain the anonymous authors behind their work because it represents someone else's voice - usually their client's. Without self promotion, designers are obscured from public view.

This blog will be documenting research projects asking the question, "How can graphic design explore the visibility of women who've made a significant contribution to the history of graphic design in Australia?"